Have you tried vinyl?

Vinyl used to be the poor relation of upholstery fabrics. Cheap chairs used to be covered in shiny black vinyl as a poor imitation of leather. But vinyl has grown up and got stylish!!!!

Torro and Torro Plus from Bradbury Fabrics is a great substitute for leather at two price bands lower. Lionella from Chieftain Fabrics is another alternative for leather with a leather-like grain and a palette of natural earthy tones.

Chieftain Fabrics are specialists at vinyl. They also offer a bespoke colour matching service in as little as 4 weeks. All you need to give them is a Pantone or RAL number or a piece of fabric and their in-house design team will match it up and produce your fabric.If you are looking for a hard-wearing fabric that will resist stains and still look good, it is worth considering one of our vinyl ranges.

Vinyl also now comes with all sorts of patterns on it to add interest to your seating. 

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