LINC by Era Screens - Acoustic pods - the easy way

Maybe you've thought of Acoustic Pods in the past but were put off by the cost and the fact that once they are built, that's it - they can't be used for other purposes. LINC by Era Screens modular screen system allows you to create easily re-configured acoustic pods suitable for work, meetings or breakout areas that you can change as your work needs change.

Acoustic pods can help you make best use of your office, meeting or breakout space. Use instead of fixed partitioning for a cost effective solution. Use instead of high backed sofas for an adaptable solution. And when change is required our pods can be re-configured in under an hour. 

Based on a modular screen system, the acoustically enhanced panels consist of 5 different sized and shaped pieces. Use a number of these to create whatever solution you require to suit your workspace. Some examples are shown here.  

With a combination of panels you can make the following:

Phone booth - for when extra privacy is needed for those private mobile calls that just won't wait.

Utility hub - A high backed storage area for hiding away photocopiers, printers, coat stands, drinks machines, cupboards etc. In fact anything you can think of.  

Work booth - A low backed booth for that extra work space when required.

Study hub - A high back work space for total concentration, focus and privacy.

Breakout zones - Areas suitable for staff rest and relaxation and for any informal meetings.

Meeting hubs/zones/spaces - Private areas that can be easily moved and re-configured to suit your meeting size - one to one, team get together and more.

Snug - A little high backed hide away for a little bit of me time.

All these different combinations take between 20 minutes and 60 minutes to construct and no special tools or skills are needed.  

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