Meeting Room busy AGAIN???

Frustrating isn't it? When you go to use the meeting room and someone has beaten you to it! But without your company building extra meeting rooms what other options do you have? We may a couple worth considering...

Our LinC Modular Acoustic Pods by Era Screens have the ability to adapt to your changing needs. Whether it is a semi-private, low backed, meeting hub or a high backed private meeting space complete with ceiling and led lights. And if your requirements change, they can be dis-assembled and easily re-configured and moved to other locations in your building.

Another solution is our High Backed Sofas. The Jensen-up and Brix-up by Verco both feature a comfortable two-seater sofa with a high backed acoustic surround to afford privacy in the busy workplace. Placed in offices, receptions or breakout areas, they are ideal for informal meetings over a cup of coffee or a quiet place to work on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

You can personalise all of our Acoustic Pods and Sofas by choosing to have them upholstered in your favourite fabrics. This means they can match your current décor and company branding. Our favourite fabric range is the funky Blazer range from Camira Fabrics.

Once you tried our meeting room alternatives, we think that you will find they provide a perfect workspace away from your workplace!

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