Easier to do business with

A friend of ours, Francine Pickering of Clarity Marketing, posted a blog article entitled 'Why being easy to do business with is a marketing issue'. A blog which is well worth reading for anyone in business.


We take great pride in feeling that we achieve this. My responsibility is the sales of office furniture. People know what they want to make their working lives easier or more productive or more comfortable and it is up to me to show them what is available to suit their tastes and budget.


I then entrust other people in my organisation to do their part to make the buying process run smoothly. Then it is up to our installation teams to do their part. One of the guys who works for us is called Steve and here is an excerpt of an e-mail we received from a very satisfied customer just the other day.


Steve arrived this morning with our table, chairs and double storage unit for the 'Community Room'.  Within an hour and a half he had the room looking great.  (He even took away the boxes!)

I would like to thank you for the friendly and professional service we have received.  Steve is a breath of fresh air and so happy in his work that I just had to pass this on.

Thanks again and I hope we can order from your company again very soon.

It is always useful to get feedback, be it good or bad. In this instance it was fantastic! When you order furniture from us, we don't expect you to have to get your hands dirty by unpacking it or putting it together or getting rid of the packaging. That's our job. When we supply furniture you get the full service so that whatever you order is ready for you to use without you having to list a finger. Unless you wanted to make Steve a cup of coffee!


Why not give us a try. Call us on 0116 251 7741. We are always happy to help.