Is your bottom finding it tough going?

Lots of attention is paid to the design of chair back rests with differing heights, widths and shapes available with and without lumbar supports. But what about the seat of the chair? Very often, the seat already on the chair is the only one you can have whether you like it or not. Until now...

Now we are able to offer the 'Air-Flo' seat fitted on selected chairs in our ranges. The Air-Flo seat has inflatable cushions built within the seat. The pressure in these can be made firmer or softer, to suit the individual, with a simple pump bulb control. The air inside can pass between the two cushions as you move, meaning that the support follows your natural body movements as your go about your daily work. The Air-Flo seat also offers pressure sensitive coccyx relief, reduces spinal compression and aids core stability. And, of course, it is Physiotherapist approved.

If sitting is a pain in your behind, then contact us to find out more about how the Air-Flo seat on our chairs can relieve the pressure.

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