The Danny chair at home in the office

Over the past few years we have seen a trend for dressing down in the office. First it was dress down Fridays and now it has become the norm to wear Jeans to the workplace and depending on your industry, even in the boardroom. Along with a relaxing of dress standards, office furniture is now following suit. A softer, less office type look is coming in with warm woods replacing metal parts on some chairs and even desks.

A prime example is the Danny chair from Verco. Launched as a modern interpretation of a tub and featuring a chrome four legged frame, the Danny is now also available with the option of a four legged ply wooden frame. This softens the look of the chair so that it would look at home in your meeting room, in your breakout space or reception area, making the chair truly multi-purpose. The complementary coffee table is also available with the same style wooden leg frame.

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