Choosing Your Office Chair

Choosing Your Office Chair

Operator, task or executive chair - which should you choose for your office? Our quick guide will help you choose.

Operator Chair

An Operator Chair is a standard office chair, suitable for daily use by most staff members. They are popular with computer users and call centre operators. They usually have a medium or high back rest. Ours come upholstered in a choice of fabrics.

Popular choices.

Budget: Icon high back operator chair

Mid-price: Nova posture N1 chair

Especially stylish: Ice chair in fabric

Task Chair

A Task Chair is suitable for the medium to heavy use of staff who will be spending a full working day seated on it. It often has a high back and arm rests for additional comfort. Most have a range of adjustments and will swivel 360 degrees.

Designed to be used by a range of different users, task chairs are often used in public areas or hot desking facilities where several different people might use the same workstation.

Popular choices.

Budget: Icon Plus chair

Mid-price: Othello task chair

Especially stylish: Eternity mesh chair

Executive Chair

An Executive Chair is designed with senior management and board members in mind. Expect a high back, a headrest, extra padding and comfortable arms. Stylish design will make it ideal for the executive office or boardroom.

Popular choices.

Budget: Onyx chair

Mid-price: Eternity mesh with head rest

Especially stylish: Aria 'C' chair

24-hour Chair

A 24-hour Chair is specially designed for heavy use over prolonged periods. It will have multi-adjustable mechanisms enabling the user to adjust chair height, back height, seat depth and tilt angle. Some may also have adjustable lumbar controls to support the lower back.

Popular choices.

Budget: Zircon armchair

Mid-price: Zircon armchair in black leather facings

Especially stylish: Zircon armchair with head rest