Understanding your chair adjustments

We all know that an office chair should go up and down but what other adjustments are available that we may find help to make us more comfortable?

Seat slide

This action enable the seat of the chair to be moved forwards or backwards to suit the leg length of the user, be they long or short. This is usually controlled by a lever at the side of the seat near to the front. If you lift the lever, you can push the seat forwards or backwards with your bottom or hand to suit. Our ME100 chair even has a double seat slide with a +/- 125mm adjustment to suit the short or tall user.

Back height adjustment

This enables the back to go up or down to suit. More commonly controlled nowadays by a ratchet adjustment that clicks up and down.

Lumbar pump

An inflatable cushion in the back of the chair, this can be pumped up or down to provide perfect back comfort for the user. *TOP TIP* - To find the perfect level, pump the cushion right up and gradually let it down until it is comfortable and fits in your lumbar region perfectly. Our Activ 5 chair has this feature.


Weight tension adjustment or tension control

This feature allows the seat's tension to be controlled to suit the weight of the user and the force they put on the chair.

Controlled by a hand wheel under the front of the seat, it comes into play when you have the chair action 'unlocked' meaning the back is free flowing and moving with you as you move. With the tension set correctly the back will support you but not push you forward. Our Stellar Posture chair has this feature.

Synchronised action for seat and back adjustment

Also referred to as syncro action or syncro tilt, this is a combined seat and back adjustment controlled by a lever on the side of the chair. When the lever is placed into the 'unlocked' position, the angle of the back and seat move in a ratio of 2:1 with the back moving twice as far as the seat can. This is thought to be the ideal angle adjustment for most users of the chair so, again, is popular when one chair has to suit a number of users and be adjusted quickly and easily.  *TOP TIP* If you leave this type of action in the 'unlocked' position, it allows your body to make micro-movements, whilst your are working, reaching for the phone or turning to speak to someone etc.

These are the most common adjustments that are found on office chairs in most workplaces.