Office Planning

Last week I had a call from a local company who wanted prices for boardroom furniture. Over the phone I suggested that I could call in and measure the boardroom and discuss the best solution and furniture options to meet their needs and budget. They didn't want that but the lady gave me the room dimensions and told me that they wanted 'two tables pushed together' and as many chairs as possible.

When I drew the room out, the best solution was 2 semi-circular tables either side of a rectangular table. This seated eight people comfortably and also enabled everyone to see each other at the meeting. I then recommended which tables and chairs would suit their brief.

I offer this service because I want my clients to know what they are getting and to be satisfied with the end result. If we had just sold them what they had asked for it would have looked awful and then they wouldn't have come back to us for any future purchases as they would have just bad feelings every time they went into their boardroom. Plus, the boardroom, as well as being using for company meetings, is also where you may bring your best clients. So it pays to get expert advice and maybe spend a little more to create a prestige impression of your company.

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