Blog - Easy, easy, easy

I recently met with a new prospective client who had emailed us asking for help with specifying office furniture for two rooms in their new premises. They required modular meeting tables that are easy to move, stackable meeting chairs in one room and soft seating with a smart coffee table in the other room.

The customer explained that they got in touch with us because they liked the look and style of the furniture that we featured on our website . As the customer is a Design Agency this was a great compliment to us. I recommended our range of tilt-top tables and the stackable Sting chair in White with an upholstered seat and back pad in a contrasting colour in the very contemporary Blazer fabric from Camira. For the soft seating we decided together that the Jensen sofa and armchair from Verco would look great along with a large coffee table.

The customer then remarked that she didn't realise that it would be this easy and fun choosing furniture and was dreading having to pick items from a catalogue or website that may not have proved suitable. What a lovely thing to say! It made my day.

It was great to find out that some people still appreciate a sit down face to face meeting and a chance to discuss what value can be added to their business by investing in great furniture.

The customer was applying for a grant so required a quotation by the next day. Our meeting was at 11am and by 4pm on the same day I had provided her with a fully priced estimate and layouts to show how the furniture would fit in the rooms. Now it is fingers crossed time hoping that the grant is approved and we can move forward.

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