Making collaboration easy

Collaboration is a buzzword lately. Whether it is in specially designed meeting rooms or in soft seating areas, getting together and swapping ideas is good for us and our businesses. But what if you cannot afford to have a space set aside, due to cost or space restrictions?

When my colleagues and I need to have a quick chat whilst looking at a computer monitor we like to have seating that is at hand and easy to move around the office. That's why we use the Cube multi-purpose chair by Verco. A four legged meeting chair with arms and on castors,it is easy to grab and pull around the office to where it is required. And if the impromptu get-together goes on for too long, the Cube has an 'active' back rest, enabling the back to move forward and back meaning that you stay comfortable.

When finished with, they are easy to store as the seat lifts up and the chairs can be nested together. Or, do as we do and leave them around the office as we don't know what we would do without them.

If you would like to know more about how the Cube chair would benefit your impromptu get-togethers,  please get in touch. And if you are not too far away I will even bring the Cube chair over to show you.  

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