How to reduce the noise in your office

With the trend towards open plan offices and collaborative working, some employees are finding it difficult to concentrate with the higher levels of noise in some offices. We are increasingly being asked for solutions to cut down the noise.

The simplest way is our acoustic desk screens. These are mounted between the desks as per a standard desk screen but they feature a 40mm Lamapro acoustic foam core surrounded by a smart 25mm aluminium frame. This type of screen typically absorbs up to 90% of sound that hits it, cutting down on sound distractions drastically. Just one piece of advice though - don't let your staff pin papers or photographs on to the screens. The sheet of paper acts as a barrier and blocks sound from entering the screen and being absorbed.

The screens are available at heights of 380mm, 480mm or 580mm in a wide range of fabric colours to suit all tastes and decors. If you think they would benefit your offices, please get in touch.

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