New product blog - Martin collaborative furniture

The manufacturer Verco Office Furniture have just introduced the Martin desking range which offers a more collaborative, relaxed feel to your workspace.

Featuring solid timber leg frames with a variety of laminate or veneer tops, the Martin range has a 'softer' look than traditional desking. Single standalone desks are available but the range really comes in to its own with the bench desking offering a space for individuals to work but also allowing teams to join together quickly and easily.

The Martin range is ideal for the image conscious organisation which appreciates good design. The softer look of the product encourages a more relaxed work atmosphere which suits modern workplaces that also foster collaboration. The footprint of the Martin is slightly smaller than that of traditional desks meaning that more employees may be fitted in per square foot of floor space, so it's ideal for companies where space is an issue.

To enhance the clean lines of the Martin, there are no cable ports but a central cable access channel to serve all users, which all cables may be dropped through. The access channel may be customised by the use of a panel which can be manufactured form Perspex, veneer or even upholstered with fabric from the Camira Blazer fabric range.

The Martin collaborative furniture is going to become more and more popular as companies foster improved collaboration between employees but also try to retain staff by providing a more design led work space where people are proud to work. It also looks great when clients visit your premises.

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