Latest office furniture trends July 2015

Here are some of the latest trends we are seeing in office furniture:

Collaboration - with the end of working alone and in cubicles we are seeing desking that positively encourages collaboration between workmates whilst at their desks rather than having to break off to go into a meeting room. We have had bench desks a while and now our friends at Verco Office Furniture have brought out the Martin desking range which lifts bench desking to another level with a stylish wooden leg frame giving the Martin a softer appearance. With its open aspect the Martin encourages collaboration.

Smaller desks - the advance of technology has led to computers getting smaller which in turn has meant that desks have shrunk to suit. Whereas for many years a large crescent curved desk was the norm in every office and the larger your desk meant the more important you were, now even managers are having small rectangular desks along with their staff. Staff are being switched to Bench desking which saves money through sharing components. The plus points are that smaller desks mean lower cost per desk, you can squeeze more desks and employees in per square foot of office space, and smaller offices mean lower rents. So when it comes to renewing your office desks, it would pay financially to switch to smaller desk.

Softer appearances- we are seeing the rise of offices with softer accents which blur the line between home and work. Desks with modern wooden legs, taking design influences from Scandinavian furniture specified in softer shades of Oak and Natural Walnut with more soft seating dotted around the office for impromptu meetings on the go. Seating is increasingly being upholstered in fabric colours that aren't seen as traditional office shades, getting away from the usual charcoal, peat or black.

Mobile working - with the rise of tablets and smartphones being used in the workplace people are increasingly moving away from their desks when they need to work in private. High back armchairs and sofas, with backs as high as 1300mm, provide comfort and privacy from shoulder surfers and prying eyes.

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