Is cheaper better?

People often ring us after seeing a product on our website to ask the price. When I tell them they are often surprised at how high the price is compared to different office chairs and furniture that they have seen on the web.  But as the saying goes 'if you buy cheap, you buy twice'.


Any chair can look good on a page or a computer screen.  Its only when you take a closer look that the differences become apparent. I found a leather chair on a website this week for 99. Let's compare this to any one of the leather chairs we supply, starting at 350.


Both covered in leather? Yes, but the leather on the cheaper chair is half the thickness of the leather on the VIBE chair as each piece of leather is peeled apart to make twice the amount of upholstery to cover twice the amount of chairs. Also on the cheaper chair, you may find small marks on the leather. These may be fly bites, barbed wire scratches or even branding marks from when the leather was originally on the cow! The leather on our chairs is inspected by hand and all marks are cut out so that the leather on our chairs is in perfect condition.


Warranty - 2 years on the cheap chair. Our chairs have a 5 year warranty and you deal only with us, we don't tell you to ring the factory or a call centre somewhere. 

Weight capacity - cheap chair 102kg (16 stone). On our chairs the weight capacity is 150kg (23 stone). You might not weigh 23 stone but it demonstrates that our chairs are sturdier.


Delivery - cheap chair unassembled and in a box by a courier, ready for you to sweat over and get your hands dirty and oily. Our chairs are delivered by hand, unwrapped and placed in position for you.


Our chairs help you provide a more professional impression of your business to your clients and staff. You may not want a leather chair but the same care goes into every one of our chairs. In fact, it goes into every piece of our furniture. 

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