The new X2 fabric by Camira

We have just received our first consignment of chairs for a customer that are upholstered in the new X2 fabric from Camira Fabrics. The X2 range is based on the best-selling Xtreme Plus range of fabrics that have been around for years. The difference is that the X2 fabrics have a slight, subtle grey fleck within the fabric to give a textured look to the fabric and to tone down some of the brighter finishes without losing their appeal. The mottled look also means that any stains do not show up as easily and the fabric keeps its pristine appearance for longer. The client has specified the X2 Median AK011 fabric colour on Verco V-smart chairs and the Song breakout chairs (pictured) and Arithmetic AK018 on Arena meeting chairs by Pledge.

I have been impressed with the X2 fabric as it looks smart, has a bit of 'interest' in the fabric to catch the eye and is a simple, clever solution to the issue of everyday stains and marking on the fabric, without having to specify a more expensive fabric, leather or vinyl. 

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