Introducing the Vibe-Lite chair

We have selling the Vibe executive chair for many years now, which has been popular with Executives looking for a premium chair. Now our friends at the office furniture manufacturer Verco have introduced the Vibe-Lite task chair at a slightly lower price to complement the Vibe, to enable to complete office to be kitted out with the same design aesthetic.

The Vibe-Lite features the same ergonomically shaped back as the Vibe, with a black outer shell and a large comfortable seat. It is available with or without a head rest and has the option of height adjustable arms and a polished metal base. The high back with head rest chair is perfect for Managers with the medium back chair ideal for staff.

The image below shows the VIBE high back chair with head rest, height adjustable arms and a polished metal base, upholstered in Camira Blazer Quilt Channel Plymouth fabric which features a quilted finish which is unique to this fabric. It really adds something to the chair, showing off the clean lines and curved back.

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