Bad back at work? What can I do?

When you have a bad back, sometimes you cannot get comfortable especially at work where you are often given an office chair that suits the majority rather than being individually tailored for your needs. But what can you do in these situations?

 We will address the chair issue first. What you need is a chair with plenty of adjustment so that you may alter it to suit your needs. For someone with a back issue we would recommend a chair that has an inflatable lumbar support with a back that adjusts in height. Then you can get the lumbar support of the back in exactly the right place to suit you. If you have an inflatable lumbar support the best way to get it to a comfortable level is to pump it up as high as it will go and then slowly deflate it until it feels right for you. Adjust the back height so that the curve of the chair back fits with the curve of your back. 

Your desk must also be suitable, stable and at a height of 720-740mm high. A new product to consider may be sit/stand desking (shown below). This is a desk that may adjust from a height of 650mm up to 1300mm at the push of a button. You may be happy to be seated in the morning but fancy standing for work in the afternoons to relive pressure on your back. This desk can be easily adjusted to suit your mood and ease your back. Worth asking your employer about as happy staff are more productive staff. 

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