Adding a splash of colour to the workplace


When I go out to meet, talk, sell, advise and help people about the new office furniture they require, the one thing that people are still surprised and delighted about is how many colours chair fabric comes in! 

In the olden days there was a very basic colour palette of Black, Charcoal, Navy Blue, Peat (Brown) and Cherry. Now our most popular fabric, Xtreme Plus, is available in 60 shades. There are also many other ranges of fabric, some of which are stain resistant (Intervene and Halcyon) and others which can be co-ordinated with desk screen fabrics. Our luxurious Blazer fabric is made with 100% pure new wool and also comes in 60 shades. Even vinyl has improved with our Torro Plus range of vinyl having a leather feel and a palette of 30 shades including White and Silver for the adventurous amongst you! Patterned fabric is very rare now but the Halcyon has a very faint pattern in 3 different styles. Textures vary with one of Camira Fabrics latest offerings, Canopy, having a chenille feel which is very soft. 

At Lismark Office Furniture, we love stylish office furniture and are never short of ideas. So if you're in search of furniture to make an impact in the workplace, please give us a call on 0116 251 7741 for a competitive quote. 

Don't forget, we also offer free delivery to many areas.