How to get more value for money out of your floor space

Now the good times have returned to the British economy lots of companies are looking to expand but with office space at a premium and getting more expensive all the time, what options do you have? 

More companies are updating their desks from the very large crescent curved desk at a size of 1600 x 1200mm and reducing the size of each desk down to a small rectangle, typically 1400 x 800mm. The Crescent desk was originally designed to sit the old style computer monitor in the corner so that it could accommodate the back of the monitor. Now, with the improvements in computer technology over the past few years, everyone has a flat screen monitor so why still have such a large curved desk? The good news is that with the smaller desks you can now accommodate more staff in the same office than you could before, therefore giving you better value for money per square foot of office space. Narrow pedestals drawers are available so that staff still have plenty of leg room under the slimmer desks. So if you are thinking of renewing your current desks it would be worthwhile considering smaller, more efficient desks. 

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