Quick read blog - Current office trends Spring 2016

Here is our take on the latest office furniture trends that our clients are going for this Spring:
High back seating: chairs and sofas fitted with very high backs, some up to 1400 mm high, offering privacy for private work or for impromptu meetings. These are also ideal for mobile working around the office on tablets or smartphones. 


Colours: seating in different shades of grey are very popular. We are also now getting requests for chairs in blue following Leicester City's title success.  

Smaller desks: desk sizes are shrinking from the large crescent desks down to small rectangular desks. With computer monitors getting slimmer there is no need to have a huge desk anymore. This also means that more staff cab be accommodated in the same office footprint. 

Industrial look: more bare concrete walls, ceilings showing air conditioning ducts, metal lamp shades reminiscent of factory lamps. 


Open plan offices: we are seeing less individual offices along meeting rooms with glass walls allowing light to flood into the office 

Black desk tops: yes, the 80's are back with black desk tops making a comeback at the executive level.

    Home 'feel': soft furnishings making the office feel more homely and welcoming, maybe encouraging staff to stay and work longer? This also feeds into the trend for 'softer' less harsh looking offices. 

At Lismark Office Furniture, we love stylish office furniture and are never short of ideas. So if you're in search of furniture to make an impact in the workplace, please give us a call on 0116 251 7741 for a competitive quote.