New product blog - 'Box-it Landscape' Modular Seating

At Lismark we love clever furniture.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been drawing plans for a local dentist who is considering new seating for his waiting room. I have looked at a variety of seating ranges in various layouts and formations, both along the walls and curving onto the centre of the room. Islands, squares, biscuits, ovals and semi-circles, I have tried them all and I have found a range of furniture that suits all my needs. The Box-it landscape from Verco is a range of modular seating that encompasses one, two and three seater units, corner seats and semi-circular units along with double-sided seating units that share a single back.

It is the double sided units that have really impressed me. By sharing the back, the unit saves on space and cost versus the cost of 2 sofas placed back to back. It also looks neater with a streamlined look. The units have a simple linking system which is hidden away underneath the units so that when they are in position they do not slide out of position.

As the Box-it Landscape is a modular range the units can be moved around easily and added to as the business grows.  

Also available is a high screen which fits on to the top of the back of the units, taking the back up from 840mm up to 1270mm. In a waiting room this is ideal to stop people leaning against the walls and making them dirty. In an office this makes a Box-it Landscape seating area ideal for mobile working on tablets and mobiles, and brilliant for impromptu, private meetings and chats between staff and visitors.

Available in a wide range of fabrics, the Box-it Landscape would look great in a couple of shades from the Camira Halcyon range which has the added benefit of being stain-resistant and anti-bacterial.  

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