Back care chairs. False economy?

Today I was talking to a customer who works in the Health & Safety department of a large company. She had been called into a department to see an employee who had trouble with her back, shoulder and arms whilst sitting at her desk. She was sitting on a chair which had a very small backrest with very little adjustment and a seat with a thin layer of foam. My contact recommended one of our very popular back care chairs but the employees boss wasn't happy. He was amazed at the cost and didn't want to spend that sort of money. This was despite the fact that the lady had already had time off to go and see the Doctor and was feeling poorly. 

A new back care chair isn't expensive when compared to the cost of staff being off work and the disruption it can cause. If you have a staff member who would benefit from one, we will even let them try it for a week before you buy. I would be amazed if there is no improvement from their old chair.   

If you'd like to know more, or try a chair free of charge for a week, then e-mail me, or call me on 0116 251 7741.