The latest seating fabric - Hemp

Camira fabrics based in Yorkshire has just brought out a new fabric called 'Hemp'. Hemp is grown here in Leicestershire, from plants of the Cannabis genus, usually associated with recreational drugs and medicines. It's a bast fabric fibre plant which contains naturally occurring textile fibre just inside the outer bark to give the plant stem both strength and flexibility. 

The hemp is then combined with wool, which is another natural fabric of course, to make the seating fabric. When hemp is combined with wool in a fabric, the bast fibre blend makes an inherently fire retardent fabric without using chemicals, post treatments or back coating. This fabric meets the main UK contract flammability standard BS7176 Medium Hazard Crib 5 making is suitable for commercial interiors. 

The hemp fibre is spun into a 60-40 wool-hemp yarn. It is then dyed to add colour and personality. In most of the shades available it is just the wool part which is dyed, leaving the undyed hemp to add a natural pale fleck effect to the fabric. 

Using this fabric on your seating can boost your organisations eco credentials. The fabric is compostable at the end of its life. The other benefits are: natural stretch, good abrasion resistance, soft feel, good colours and it keeps its looks over a period of time. 

If you'd like to talk to us more about Hemp fabric or to order a swatch card and information booklet, contact me at or give me a call on 0116 251 7741.