Indoor-Outdoor Furniture - why choose between one and the other?

It's that time of year when we start to imagine how enjoyable it will be to spend time outside. A quick coffee or leisurely lunch in the sunshine, what could be nicer? And, being hardy Brits, we'll give it a go despite what our weather might do.


There's a serious point here, though. If you've got outside space that is being under-used but could come into its own in the spring and summer, it's an opportunity to create some additional, seasonal, break-out space - or to generate additional revenue through additional seating for your café or restaurant.


But that tendency of the British weather to throw us a shower every now and again means you'd want furniture that is:


ˇ Lightweight and easy to carry,

ˇ Easy to store when it's not being used, and

ˇ Durable enough to stand up to the weather and wear and tear.


In an ideal world, that furniture would also be useful the year round so our indoor-outdoor furniture is just the thing:


ˇ Colourful chairs, armchairs and high stools in polypropylene are stackable and easy to store.

ˇ Square or circular tables are stackable or with flip tops.


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