Choosing Your Meeting Table (part 1)

I thought I would write a guide to choosing a meeting table suitable for your needs. This guide is meant for large one/two piece tables that are permanently sited in your meeting area.

Getting the right size and suitable shape table to suit your available space can be a minefield. If possible, get advice from your furniture supplier. We offer a free of charge service, where we come out to your premises and measure up your meeting space and discuss the option available for you to choose from.

What size?

It is worth considering what people will bring to the table - will they bring laptops and various books, plans etc. or will they bring a pad, pen and a cup of coffee? Will your meetings be formal with clients or would people be ok with sitting close to each other. We recently had a client purchase a smaller table so that he could get better interaction between his staff. As a rough guide, allow each person 700mm width of personal space at the table. For example a 2 metre long table will seat 6-8 people. A 2.4 metre table will take 8-10 people. You will also have to allow 900mm around the table to give people enough room to move away from the table with ease.

What shape?

The old favourite is rectangular but this has been overtaken by 'Double-D-End' which has a semi-circle at each end with two long sides. Elliptical or Oval is also becoming popular along with Barrel shaped (when looking from above).  


Does your table need to match other items in your offices or is it in a space on its own? What sort of business are you and what impression are you trying to give to any visitors? Are you a traditional business (e.g. lawyers, accountants etc.)? In this case a classic design in veneer should give the right impression. Are you a design-led business (e.g. architects, designers etc.)? Maybe you can make a statement with the table top in a daring colour with stylish leg frames in white or chrome. Our bestselling finishes are still oak, beech and maple mfc.

Power? Are power and data sockets required to laptops, phones and projectors? Also consider cable management provision.

Storage to match? Do you require cupboards to store tea and coffee cups and other items to keep your meeting space clutter free?

Remember that your meeting room may be the only room in your organisation that your clients see so you need to give them the best impression that you possibly can of your business.