Choosing Your Meeting Table (part 2)

If you require the maximum flexibility from your meeting room then modular tables are the solution.

'Modular' means that the tables can be separated and recombined into differing configurations.  The tables come in different shapes and sized but they can be combined with all the edges matching up in length.

         Shapes: rectangular, d-shaped and trapezoidal. All can be combined to create different layouts. The most common layout for meeting is rectangular tables in the centre with a d-shaped table at each end to give a softer look at the end. The d-shaped table can accommodate 3 people at each end of the table. The most common layout for training purposes is a 'U' shape.

         Size: Individual rectangular and d-shaped tables are 1600w x 800d x 720h mm. We also supply rectangles at 1400 x 800. Trapezoidal tables are 1600 x 693mm. This size matches the other shapes perfectly.

         Colour: Oak, Beech, Maple, Light Grey and White tops.

         Leg frames: There are 3 different leg frame options: Folding leg, tilt-top and four-legged.

The four-legged table does what it says on the tin! Four static legs like a traditional table.  With the folding leg frame, the legs fold under the table for ease of movement (just like a decorators table but a lot posher!). The folding legs are high quality chrome. The folding leg frame has been improved on by the tilt-top table (my favourite!). You simply pull a lever and the table top moves from horizontal to vertical. They are on lockable castors so they can be wheeled about by one person with ease.

If you are pushed for space the folding tables can be stacked together and the tilt-top tables can be 'nested, together.

The other issue you need to consider is to allow 900mm approx. around the outside of your table arrangement to enable people to move away from the tables with ease.

If you are thinking about modular tables for your meeting room, give me, Mark Brown, a call on 0116 2517741. I would be pleased to go through the available options with you and measure your meeting space.