New product blog - The 'Fifteen' from Pledge Office Chairs

New product blog - The 'fifteen' from Pledge Office Chairs First the blurb from Pledge:

"'fifteen' is a modular design system seating for the breakout and reception markets.  Comprising of free standing sectional elements of various heights the units are designed with a 'fifteen' degree convex or concave angle which instills the range with a less rigid character."

Now my verdict: As a straight low modular sofa it is fairly straightforward. They are correct in saying that adding the slightly angled units that it does soften the whole look a little.

It is when it is specified as a concave unit that it becomes interesting. The concave angle turns people slightly inwards to face the centre, encouraging them to interact more closely and maybe even making it a less formal unit.

Specifying upholstery in differing fabrics on the same unit adds interest.

The use of high back units has the added benefit of reducing background noise. When two high back units are placed facing each other this makes an informal meeting extra discreet.  The high back units could also be used in place of expensive permanent room partitioning in receptions or breakout areas.

There is also a high back single chair which could be used for making phone calls without people overhearing your conversation.

I feel that the 'fifteen' collection from Pledge is a welcome addition to the Breakout/Reception sector. This will compete directly with the 'Hive' range from Connection Seating but at a lower price point, which is always good news. 

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