Bad back chairs - The ACTIV 5 Chair

Bad back chairs - use them to correct and prevent bad backs in your workplace

Lower back pain is the second largest cause of long term sickness in the UK and the largest cause of disability for workers under the age of 45.

50 million working days are lost each year in the UK to back pain at a cost of 5 billion each year. And for every person who takes time off sick with back pain, 13 others are suffering in silence and, quite possibly, working less effectively than they could and should be.

Put like that it's a problem you can't overlook. So does skimping on the quality of your office chairs, just to save a few pounds in the short term, make long term sense?

It really is worth investing in good quality ergonomic seating that will not only help those workers who are already suffering but that will also help prevent back problems amongst the others.

The ACT 5 is a popular orthopaedic posture chair, one of the favourites amongst our customers. It's ideal for bad back sufferers because: 

         You can adjust every part of it and tailor it to your own individual spine curvature, leg length and height requirements.

         It gives you good low, middle and upper back support through its natural back-shaped back cushion.

         It also has endless variety in sitting and back angles and a rocking tilt action.

If you're concerned about your staff's wellbeing and want a happier, more productive workplace, then replacing their seating is an easy way to make some real improvements.

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