The liquid workspace - a new concept

One of our featured manufacturers, Connection Seating, has created a new concept for the workspace: Liquid Workspace. This defines the workplace in to 3 different areas.

1st Space - Office Space: consisting of static desking, task chairs, personal storage and cupboard storage.  

2nd Space - Meeting Space: By using semi-formal and formal meeting tables, meeting spaces encourage gatherings to be collaborative, dynamic and to aid meetings be more productive and creative.

3rd Space - Breakout space: Using soft seating, coffee tables, café furniture and 'Hive' (LINK) modular furniture to encourage people to relax but also work more informally by utilising mobile technology in the form of smartphones, tablets and laptops to take your work with you.

At the heart of this thinking is a good idea for the benefit of the employer and the employees. What is being advocated is a blurring of the lines between office, meeting room and breakout areas, making these spaces dual purpose and therefore a more efficient use of expensive floor space. What if you could tear down your meeting rooms and fit more desks in for new staff because meetings are being held in the breakout areas and offices - wouldn't this be a better use of your resources?

What's in it for the employees? Less informal meetings, more efficient meetings with less wasted time, better brainstorming, working in different locations, interacting with other staff around the organisation, better collaboration between different departments. Altogether, a more productive and fulfilling work experience. Happier staff makes life better for everyone. 

It's great when furniture can achieve a more modern, forward thinking, productive workplace.

We've seen this sort of thinking at very forward thinking organisations like at Google's Victoria Station office and now it is catching on with progressive organisations around the country.

If you think your company or organisation would benefit from adopting the liquid workspace philosophy, give us a call on 0116 251 7741 or email me .