Privacy Seating

Do you ever find that you need a bit of privacy for an ad hoc meeting but the conference facilities in your organisation are constantly busy? Alternatively, do you yearn for a quiet place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the office to work on your tablet or smartphone? After all, with mobile technology why should you be chained to your desk?

We are seeing more and more 'privacy' armchairs and sofas from the likes of sixteen3, Pledge Seating and Connection which have privacy panels of up to 5 feet high built in on three sides.

These create a quiet work space where you can work with your mobile tech in peace or an informal meeting place for you to chat in private and which is ready at any time.

With one unit facing another you almost have an impromptu meeting room with the disruption and expense of building work in your office.

This is an example of what creative thinking and good design of office furniture can add to a forward thinking organisation. It helps to inspire colleagues to work more productively. It also helps to retain staff by making them feel valued.

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