Ergonomic seating - beating back pain in your office doesn't have to cost the earth

A recent article in the Daily Mail featured the ultimate ergonomic chair at the ultimate price of 5,400!!! Nice work if you can get it!

If you think that providing ergonomic chairs for your staff is a luxury you can't afford, think again.

For every person who takes time off sick with back pain, 13 others are suffering in silence and, quite possibly, working less effectively than they could and should be. The costs could be adding up without you knowing it.

But ergonomic chairs cost the earth, don't they?

Not necessarily. We like the BUZZ chair from Verco, from just 93.00 + vat.

The BUZZ is a great example of how a bad back chair should work:


         A large posture seat for superior comfort with optional seat slide.

         Height-adjustable, ergonomically profiled, tri-curve back to ensure total contact and comfort for all users.

         A choice of three mechanisms: synchronised, independent seat and back, and back rake adjustment - each with finger-tip controls.

If you're concerned about your staff's wellbeing and want a happier, more productive workplace, then improving their seating is an easy - and cost effective - way to make a real difference.


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