Product review - Oblique desking

Oblique desking is a beam desking system manufactured by Verco Office Furniture in High Wycombe, England. It is available in 6 shades of MFC top and 3 shades of veneer top with leg frames available in White or Silver. There is also a complementary range of storage available.

Straight, straight, straight is the name of the game with the Oblique desking. There is not one curved line anywhere on this range of furniture. The desk tops are rectangular with a square edge and the leg frames consist of square section metal. This means that it has a clean, minimalist, modern look.

The Oblique can be specified as a single desk or as 'bench' desking. The bench desking arrangement consists of rectangular shaped tops sharing a common leg frame. This keeps components to a minimum and also saves money as you need fewer legs. A 6 desk rectangular arrangement with 3 facing 3 only uses 4 legs. Standalone desking would require 12 legs. Tops can also be made to run the length of the arrangement to save money on separate tops and keep a clean aesthetic.

Access to the underside of the desks is easy due to fewer legs and no modesty panels (good news for the I.T. department!).This also helps give a 'clean' appearance. If your organisation tends to re-configure desks on a regular basis, this desking may suit them due to the lower number of components to move around. It is also easy to put together - even I can do it if I'm in the mood!

If you would like further information on the Oblique range or any other of our desking ranges, please contact us on 0116 251 7741.