Fancy something different?

"I was looking for desking and wanted something different. You were the only ones who offered something different."

"We have recently refurbished ict/learning area and would like to create a new trendy flexible learning room in school. I would be delighted if someone could come out and help design it with your lovely furniture."


The comments above are just two we have recently received from people who are looking to furnish areas of their business or school but are conscious that they want furniture that they can be proud of and will suit their needs.


For desking a little bit different, we recommended our DNA range of desking designed by Roger Webb Associates. With its totally unique leg design, it stands out from the crowd of run of the mill desking. 


For a flexible learning room, we had to recommend our tilt-top tables. Simple to use, easy to move and re-configure, they make the most of your space. Our tough, stackable Focus chair with chrome legs is an attractive, robust chair.


For an easily moveable soft seating area, we recommended our Dice and Drum seats. Attractive, eye catching, fun design in square and round shapes, they are easily transportable if the soft seating area needs to be moved.


We have a wide product range and a wealth of product knowledge. We like to think that we have the office furniture and breakout furniture to suit every need - but we welcome a challenge!


If you would like to see how we can make the most of your workspace, learning area or breakout space, please give us a call on 0116 251 7741 or email me