A little moan.....

The other day I was at a customer's premises taking measurements for a new executive office furniture installation. While I was there, a competitor of ours delivered half a dozen 'cheap' sets of pedestal drawers for an area of the organisation that our client didn't want to spend a lot of money on. Our pedestals and office furniture does cost a little more than others.

The first thing that surprised me was that the pedestals were not boxed but wrapped in bubble wrap. This does not offer enough protection during transit of the pedestals and sure enough there were chips and scratches on the pedestals. All of our pedestals are boxed but of course boxes cost more than bubble wrap.

When they were unwrapped, the drawers immediately started coming apart. The joint between the back and the side of the drawer should have been stapled but no staples had been applied. Obviously, the pedestals hadn't been checked by the manufacturer as this was a fault that should have been easily spotted. Our pedestals joints are glued for strength and a neat finish and they are checked before they leave the factory.

The customer also had to assemble the pedestals, so any money saved was being spent on paying a member of staff to do this while they probably had better things to do. All our pedestals are delivered assembled and unwrapped by a member of our staff on the customer's premises and put in to place.

The customer decided to send them back to the manufacturer. I spoke to the customer a couple of days later and they told me that the company who supplied the cheap pedestals didn't believe that they had arrived in that state and were refusing to take them back. They wanted to see photographic evidence of the faulty pedestals therefore wasting more of the customer's time.  

The saying goes "if you buy cheap, you buy twice". After you have spent time trying to sort out faulty cheap product, you may as well have spent a little more and got furniture that you can be proud of.

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