New Product Blog - BRIX soft seating from Verco

Verco Office Furniture has recently launched their new BRIX modular soft seating range. This range is particularly suitable for reception areas and staff breakout areas.

The Brix is an upholstered bench seating range. The benches may be specified with or without backs. The backs are an upholstered panel. A bench can have 1 back on the left or right hand side, 2 backs alongside each other or 2 backs facing in opposite directions. The benches have minimalist silver legs. With a variety of back options, different configurations are easily achieved. Two tone fabric may also be specified meaning that the backs may be a different colour to the bench.

The benches can be lined up in many different arrangements to suit any environment. As they are self-supporting, they can be easily re-configured when required for totally flexibility.

The range also includes co-ordinating coffee tables. The coffee tables come as a low level coffee table and a double decker seat height coffee table which sits at the same height as the seating. This can therefore be used alongside the seats within the same arrangement

MY VERDICT - The Brix is a soft seating range which will suit an informal reception area or breakout area. It will not suit a solicitors or an accountant's office. But it will suit a less formal organisation or even a school or college. The variety of configurations that can be achieved is a big plus if circumstances change. It may also be added to at a later date.

The two tone fabric option can also add a touch of interest and style and be used to match in to corporate colours. The legs are stylish and the coffee tables are a good match rather than an afterthought add-on to the range.

As always with Verco, it is a well-built product, meant to last with a five year guarantee which will undoubtedly last a lot longer than that.