Siena soft seating range

The Siena soft seating from Verco office furniture is a reception/breakout range consisting of an armchair, 2-seater and a 3-seater settee. Based on a classic range of soft seating called the Verona which was aimed at Executive offices, the Siena is more of an all-rounder, suitable for most modern visitor, reception and breakout areas.

The Siena has clean lines, straight edges tempered with gentle curves, and thick, comfortable cushioning. The cushions are non-removable,a clear advantage in areas such as student breakout areas in schools, colleges, academies and universities, especially if upholstered in a stain-resistant fabric such as Camira Fabrics Intervene to resist spills from food and drink.

Price-wise, it's a pleasant surprise. The armchair starts at 366 + vat delivered, the 2-seater settee starts at 431.00 + vat and the 3-seater starts at 524.00, making the range very competitive and worth a look.

If you would like to find out more about the Siena range or any of our Reception/Breakout seating please contact me or give me a call on 0116 251 7741.