New chair review - The Activ ME500

I wrote here recently about the ME100 task chair form MDK Seating. This has proved to be a very popular chair so I thought I would write about its stable mate, the Activ ME500 mesh backed version.  

The ME500 features the same generous seat as the ME100 with a double seat slide, which is fairly unique. It also features the flex-front seat to lessen pressure under the thighs. The main difference is the back. The ME500 features a mesh back with an integral adjustable lumbar support panel as standard. The lumbar panel can be moved to fit into the lumbar region of your back. The backrest is also height adjustable. The mesh on the back can be specified in different colours from the Camira Acrobat range.

A variety of height adjustable arms may be specified on this chair to offer personalised arm support to those who require it. As well as height adjustment, width adjustment and armpad rotation is also offered.

My opinion: The seat on this chair is a big plus. It is very comfortable with plenty of adjustment to suit staff of all heights. Mesh backed chairs are very fashionable right now and I think this chair has recognised that market. The back is rather 'straight-sided' and could have done with a little more shape to make it look more interesting. The built-in lumbar support is very adjustable and along with the ratchet back height adjustment it is easy to get it in just the right place. The choice of armpads is another plus with this chair for those operators that require arm support. A five year guarantee is offered as standard.

The ME500 is a dependable chair that can be specified with a wide range of options depending on taste and the support required from the chair. This makes it an ideal chair to suit a wide range of staff members.

If you would like further information on this chair or any of our chair ranges, please give me, Mark Brown, a call on 0116 251 7741 or email me at