The return of the phone booth?

                            Here's a good idea from Era Screens of Hampshire. The Nautilus is a range of free standing acoustically enhanced booths that offer privacy in open plan environments. They are available as:                    Phone booths - suitable for those private calls on your mobile or smartphone

Study/Work booths - with a small work surface in. Suitable for confidential work or for use as hot desking around the office

Break out booths - perfect for staff to relax in

        Meeting booth - does as it says - ideal for informal meetings

They are acoustically enhanced so noise from the surrounding area and sound leakage from inside the booth is kept to a minimum. They are available in a mix of any of the Camira Blazer fabric palettes and can include shelving, desking, seating and lighting.

With the rise of mobile working, the phone booth and study/work booths can be sited around the office to provide convenient, informal work spaces. The break out and meeting booths can be a money saver as these can replace a formal meeting room / staff rest area which has to be specially constructed. The booths are multi-purpose and as with this type of furniture, your staff tends to find other excuses to use them as well for other work related purposes.

If you would like further information on acoustic booths, please give me, Mark Brown, a call on 0116 251 7741 or email me at