Sneak Peek - new Brix high back sofa

A new image has emerged of the Brix high back sofa from Verco Office Furniture based in High Wycombe. Up to now the Brix has been a range of low sofas some of which have a slim back rest. Now the Brix has been modified to encompass a very high back surrounding three sides of the chair. This turns it into private, informal meeting seating. Whilst other companies have already brought out this sort of product, Verco seem to have gone that bit further by adding a screen to one side of the sofa. This looks as though it can be attached to the side of two sofas facing each other, adding extra privacy.  

This would be ideal for any organisation short on meeting space. It would work for informal, impromptu meetings which should, in theory, take less time than a full blown meeting, thereby reducing time taken away from desks. Good news all round!!!

More images can be seen on our website and for further details give us a call on 0116 251 7741.