Latest trends in Office Seating

Here are some of the latest trends that we are finding in office seating:

Task chairs:

Mesh backs continue to grow in popularity as people opt for a minimalist look with a pop of fabric colour on the seat of the chair. Mesh will also prove popular during the summer months due to its cooling properties.

White frames - some chairs now have the option of a white frame instead of then standard black. This is due to the increasing popularity of a white finish in all walks of life from cars to electronics.   


Very high backs (over 1.3 metres high) are becoming very popular. This type of sofa is ideal for informal meetings and mobile working due to the added privacy and acoustic properties that the very high back affords.  

Another aid to mobile working is that some sofas are able to be specified with power and data sockets in the armrests.

Meeting chairs:

As well as the mesh back craze carrying over to meeting chairs, we are also seeing an increasing number of chairs with tip-up seats. This enables the chairs to be 'nested, instead of stacked. Less lifting required for your members of staff means less chance of bad backs.


Stain resistant fabric is increasingly popular on breakout furniture where drinks and foods are likely to be spilled. Specifying stain resistant fabric protect your investment in quality furniture and adds years of use after other fabrics are showing signs of wear and tear.

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