Latest trends in Office Furniture

Executive furniture:

Executive furniture has gone on a diet! Thinner profiles have seen executive desking slim down to 30mm thickness, giving a slimmer, leaner profile and as a consequence, a lower price point, making it more affordable.  

Along with the slimmer profile, the big glossy look is out! Low sheen veneers are coming in to style in a big way.

General Office:

Bench desking enables more staff per square meter of office floor. The cost per desk is also lower due to desks sharing legs. Desk footprints are also getting smaller due to the shrinking size of technology with thinner monitors, laptops and tablets being used more and more.

White is everywhere: desks, legs, tables and cupboards. Apple has a lot to answer for!

Walnut is also getting more prevalent as some go for the darker, luxurious look. 

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