New Office Furniture Trends - Muted & Dark

Here is what we consider the new trends in office furniture: 

Muted colours and finishes - We are meeting with a lot of designers who are specifying darker, muted and more natural wood finishes. Oak is becoming popular again, along with black metalwork. These finishes complement clients' darker walls and floors.

Low sheen veneers - High end executive desking, cupboards and meeting tables, which manufacturers have traditionally made in high sheen veneers, is now starting to be supplied in a low sheen, more muted veneer. The most popular finish is natural walnut, a dark brown colour. A good example of this is the new Hi-Line 30 range from Verco.

Darker fabrics - Camira have introduced X2 Plus, a spin-off of their extremely popular Xtreme Plus fabric. The X2 Plus has a darker yarn weaved in the fabric, to tone the fabric colour down slightly. The darker melange weave also has the advantage of hiding dirt and wear better than a plain fabric would. This applies even on lighter colours, so if you have wanted a brighter colour fabric in the past but have shied away, it may be worth taking a look at the X2 Plus range of 20 colours.

All the above trends follow on from the raw, industrial look that we have seen coming in over the past couple of years, with unfinished woods, exposed beams and ceilings in offices and bare floors. Office furniture is moving in the same direction.

At Lismark Office Furniture, we love stylish office furniture, are devoted to creating offices that work and are never short of ideas. So if you're in search of furniture to make an impact in the workplace, please give us a call on 0116 251 7741.