The Cube - a multi-purpose chair with a stylish kick

This striking chair really caught our eye - there's something about the combination of a curved back and angled arms that gives it a real stylish kick.

And one of the most impressive things about the Cube chair is in the technical design. The flip seat makes it a fantastic multi-purpose chair, especially for those who need to store chairs. The flip-up seat means that the chairs can "nest" together neatly so there is no need to stack chairs any more.

And because the Cube chair runs smoothly on wheels, they are easy to move from room to room - simply take a nest of chairs and push! No more dismantling stacks of chairs, moving them, only to have to stack them again later.So what else do we like about the Cube?

Whilst it works wonderfully as an meeting chair, it can be used equally well as a task chair, making it potentially an economical choice.

Its design is smart but has an informal edge to it. The active back makes it very comfortable and the built-in arms are designed to be supportive.

The Cube comes with a black back but after that the choice is yours. It can be upholstered in any of your favourite colours and even leather. Or choose the standard black back for a smart, low-key look.